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Full Version: anybody heard from refracollector
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hey guys. i made a trade with the user in the title on 6/9 and have not recieved and wont respond. anyone heard anythign?
Comment sent in trade..

As far as this post I never heard of the guy, but wow another one... Its all making since why this site has slowed down the way it has. I guess this is why I deal with a select few people on the site
supposedly he had a flood? and was sending my cards back to me but that was sent to me on the 12th. but no contact since. its becoming really frustrating. looking forward to finishing off our trade.
heres tracking number to confirm he recieved on the 12th

I thought he got suspended for some deal gone wrong about a month ago. I had a trade pending with him while all that was going on and it was blocking me from seeing his address. I contacted him, he provided his address, and we completed the trade. Kinda concerning though if he's not responding to messages.
so should i contact a mod or take it as a lost deal?
I blocked that guy big waste of time, good luck getting your end...
dustin12368 did you make a trade with him or something?