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Full Version: 1997 23KT Gold Dale Earnhardt w/COA ...Avon???
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Hello friends. I got this card in a lot I bought yesterday and I cannot find it listed in Beckett. Anybody know anything about it other than what the CoA says? Thank ya kindly for any insight you can provide.

Be Well & Happy 4th!

[Image: IMG_0068_zpse97dd072.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0069_zps95c3428b.jpg]

I think that there are a lot of gold plated cards not listed in Beckett, I have these 2 Gordon's that I could not find a while back. I think that someone told me that they probably are not listed because so many were made, who knows?

[Image: 199722Kfront.jpg]
[Image: 199722KBack.jpg]

Scans are old and scratches are on the cases. They are both 22K.