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Full Version: 1 white whale down.... several more to go...
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For those of you who were paying attention a few weeks back, my base white whale for my Patrick Ewing collection has finally arrived - 1985-86 Star Co. #166 Patrick Ewing XRC!!!! Here's an image (not my own - pinched it from the net) ...

It looks beautiful sitting next the Star Co. "inserts"from the same year that I've had for ages!

Damn didn't work. TRy this ....
Congrats man! If you collect any of the stars who had regular RC cards from the 86 Fleer set, there's no better complimentary card to have with it like the Star XRC's!! Still can't wait to someday get a Jordan! My goal is to get a BGS 9 later down the road, just don't know how I'm gonna come across the spare 10 grand for it? LOL

Oh yeah. Only ewing cards i need from the 1980's now are his georgetown, some of the very early euro-stickers (panini, CAO Muflon) and I believe a reebok one.
Congratulations sir. How much did it run you and is it graded?
It's Raw xstream and it only set me back AU$79 dlvd. Quite the bargain if you ask me.