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Full Version: Pittsburgh Penguins Auto's found in my attic...
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Thanks for looking, so recently I found these in a folder in my parents attic. I remember going to this when I was younger, but obviously forgot about these until now. This has to be circa 1992 after their 3 peat got squashed.
The auto's are;
and a 5th im still trying to figure out.

Does Beckett do authentication of signatures like this?

Also Willing to trade if anyone is interested

[Image: 043_zps301e771a.jpg]

[Image: 045_zps0f91b9c5.jpg]

[Image: 046_zps0022355e.jpg]

[Image: 047_zps81201011.jpg]

[Image: 048_zpsfbd278c0.jpg]
Very cool find. I am not 100% sure but that looks like Markus Naslund in the bottom right picture. If you look hard enough at the last autograph I think I can see it being his.
Thanks Snobles, I appreciate it
Your mystery auto is 100% Martin Straka
Actually, Marty McSorley is not on there, it's jagr, barrasso, kjell, naslund, and Straka
hey bud what would you be looking for for em? Could make custom autos out of them or could do them for you (for a price) if you want to keep them. Don't get notifications on here unfortunately so message me email me on how to get notifications or what your looking for!

Very Nice! Jagr & Barrasso are not easy autographs to get. (Barrasso once refused to sign a picture of me & him together!) It's odd how the autos are all over the place on the sheet. You'd think they'd all sign underneath one another instead of sideways, upside down, etc. The pictures of them signing are amazing!
Thanks Smile I remember him(Barrasso) being the D-Bag type when I was younger. LOL.
Very cool to see of the Premier Penguin Players in their prime as well as their autos! I also was able to meet some of them back during that time. Always have been a big fan of Straka.
They all look so young, except for Kjell, he looks like he led a hard life. But he did used to crush people...if my memory serves correctly
So I just looked it up...sad part is....he was only in his early to mid 30's at this time. Sad.
What would be a fair price to ask for this $200?