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I want to apologize for my invisibility cloak for the last few months. I've been around, but not fully doing what I need to be doing and I sincerely apologize. Had some personal matters that needed attending to (and still do), but I had to come back stronger now.

Right now, I won't be trading much, redoing my Organize fully. The thing I'll be doing the most is being the moderator I should've been. Recently there's been some "poking the bear" incidents. I ask kindly, please don't poke the bear. I don't want to make anyone leave the zoo for any period of time. From the beginning of this morning, everyone in my book (unless you have extremely delinquent trades or are a scammer) had a pretty clean slate. Some have a couple marks on them right now, but I'd like to see everyone act well mannered. PLEASE, I hate giving out suspensions.

But anyways, how's everyone been doing? How's the kids? Still see traffic is rather slow, but I'm hoping that's going to be changing soon. Hopefully with me being the moderator I should be, this forum will be more enjoyable and we'll be able to pick up more traffic. I am also going to try and send the Admins an email soon with any outstanding issues on the site and/or suggestions (going to try and compile what's in the Suggestions forum). Glad to be back, don't plan on laying low anymore and hopefully that's a good thing. Smile

Welcome back!! As for the traffic volume and hoping it changes, what is there in store to potentially attract more people to this particular board? Seemingly, the baseball board is very active. Hockey and football I don't really take too much notice. Other than the advantage of relatively-advertisement free boards, what is the currently untapped competitive advantage for Beckett's boards?

I want you to know I am not being snooty or anything I just wasn't sure if there was an untapped resource that has recently been considered. Also, I am only active on two boards anyway. This is the one that I actually trade and communicate with people so it is by-far my board of choice.
Welcome, never dealt with you personally but nice to see a mod presence here!

As long as things don't go down the drain like other boards and all the petty personal beefs, this place should remain great! Would love to see more traffic and great card related discussions.
Wait, I saw you earlier and I don't believe you had the purple name.
(06-26-2013, 06:09 PM)Razorback9 Wrote: [ -> ]Wait, I saw you earlier and I don't believe you had the purple name.
Been a mod for over the years I believe. Lol.
jason jason long live jason, welcome back. I always wondered where u went, just never got to posting the where is jason our mod for the basketball forum post. Yeah I haven't been active on the boards as previous times but issues have been minor or nonexistent except for the whole bengu issue which I stayed out of.
Welcome back to the extreme insanity that is Beckett, Jason. Hope u are getting everything in order and look forward to you being around again!
Welcome Back, Jason. Glad to see you back, mate. There's been no poking of bears - that I'm aware of! lol
Good to see you back xstream! We were beginning to think you'd lost your way. Glad you left yourself some bread crumbs to follow to get back Smile
Thanks guys. Glad to see a good portion of the regulars are around. Smile

JMarchand1981 Wrote:...I just wasn't sure if there was an untapped resource that has recently been considered...
Though it's been said many times and I'm sure people are tired of hearing it by now, Beckett is working on trying to make things better. They're doing what they can with what they can. I know they've been actively working on making the forums and Organize work faster (recent purges) and some of the Organize cleaning is in preparation for MatchMaker. It is actively being worked on, but there is no date of completion set to my knowledge (could be wrong). But knowing that it's being worked on, I plan on diving as deep into every issue in the system, Organize and elsewhere, and making sure they are as accurately reported to the Admin as they can be. Though it's not official, I consider myself a consultant of sorts. lol. I've already gone through the Help Forum posts from mid December through today and am now going through the Suggestion forums to compile a list, test what is "broken", assess the viability of some of the suggestions, and I'm going to give that to Beckett. So I'm hoping that my more active presence here will yield a quality product in MatchMaker when it's released, and maybe other changes to the current system that are needed.

Mind you, though I can make a million suggestions, there is a thought process that has to go into any code change. Even a change of color for an item on one page may affect another page, so it has to thoroughly be developed and tested. Not every suggestion is one that is good for the site, is easy to implement, or is fully thought out.

So I wouldn't say there's an untapped resource per se, but I plan on trying to make myself a resource as much as possible.
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