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Full Version: 2011-12 Limited
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What does everyone think of the 2011-12 Limited RC autos? Panini finally sent me one of mine that I had. My first impression was that the cards are clean, but does seem like something is missing. They look a lot better on pics than in person for me. If the surface had a matted look and feel then I'd probably like them a little more. Here's a pic of my Enes Kanter:

[Image: 1372190117_zpsef09597f.jpg]
I also just had one of mine redeemed recently, oddly enough another Utah player [Image: AlecBurksLimitedDraftRedemptionAuto_zps6425dae0.jpg]

I agree it was lacking, especially compared to the Past and Present and Gold Standard. But I don't dislike them...... just not a big fan.

Good to see they are being redeemed. I have a Klay Thompson that I was nervous it wasn't going to be redeemed. I do like the looks of.them tho.