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Full Version: Just some pippen mail !!
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G'day guys....keep forgetting to post maildays up on here. wont do a catch up because theres far too much. im on instagram (slobbythegreat) if you want to check out my stuff or as always my photobucket is

Recently passed 2000 pippens. Always on the look out for more so if you're selling let me know Big Grin

Had to delete half the mailday cos im only allowed 10 images??? that sucks..oh well...just the good stuff.

Ok so now onto some gamers.

im really really really really really really really really really liking this set!! Aesthetically panini have nailed this!

[Image: 2012-13PaniniPastandPresentDualJerseysPr...7a16ad.jpg]

you know i gotta get me some booklets

payton jersey numbered (its all good i ran it by Verse1 first to see if he wanted it cos thats how I roll!
[Image: 2012-13PaniniPreferredDecadesMemorabilia...6a203d.jpg]

[Image: 2012-13PaniniPreferredInductedMemorabili...1a0c2c.jpg]

[Image: 2012-13PaniniPreferredRepeatMemorabiliaP...0c6923.jpg]

oh and this one (of one) too

[Image: 2012-13PaniniPreferredRepeatMemorabiliaL...59edc0.jpg]

Now for the scribble

I've been sitting on the bench for while in terms of this card. too many guys wanted too much money after all the other pip collectors got them but i FINALLY landed one.

[Image: 2010-11TimelessTreasuresChampionshipSeas...47f300.jpg]

Had to get one of these, now in hand i think ill get the rest!

[Image: 2012-13PaniniPreferredGold7of10_zps4e0f03d4.jpg]

I'd end it on that note but......its me Tongue

Yep...its Exquisite

[Image: 2004-05ExquisiteCollectionPatchesTriple9...d06c29.jpg]

And this one i wasnt sure existed.

[Image: 2004-05UDUltimateCollectionBuybacks1of19...fb8b77.jpg]

Now this isnt something i was trying to put together...its just happened over the years. It started with one, the 2nd colour came up and i thought yeah ill grab it and never thought that they brought back the 3rd version. I now have 4 of the 19..the 4th one is a different card.

[Image: UltimateBuyback_zps95b43e9d.jpg]

thats just my sig btw \/\/\/\/\/\/

That's some sick stuff! I recently picked up a box of that old school Ultra wax that has pippen autos in it. Seemed the cheapest way to try to get a Pippen auto for my Dream Team auto PC.

I've got a couple Pippen refractors, nothing super high-end but you're welcome to check me if you need any of mine!
Great stuff. Just don't ask him to autograph any of it...
Wow great stuff man! I didn't even know Pippen had that many nice patches! Are his autos still pretty spendy?
Damn man! Those booklets are nasty! I have been wanting to grab one of the 1/1 Tag Booklets just haven't been able to talk myself into spending that much.
(06-24-2013, 07:03 PM)nickm1123 Wrote: [ -> ]Wow great stuff man! I didn't even know Pippen had that many nice patches! Are his autos still pretty spendy?
For the most part. His newer Leaf stuff can be had under $100 pretty readily, but that's about it. A new seller on ebay just posted a pippen AND rodman 97-98 autographics together and it sold really cheap. They looked fine, but it was a new and international seller and I just couldn't pull the trigger. The old school ones in Ultra packs don't sell very high either b/c people are worried about their authenticity. If I pack-pull one though I won't have to be concerned!
Nice cards buddy Smile
Very nice Pippen Collection, should definitely post here more often.
wow 2000 man I don't think that any Jordan collectors have that much keep of the good work on him it would be kool it pippen saw your collection hey would flip out you just collecting his cards or avery thing