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Full Version: 2013 SP Authentic Basketball
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I bought a full case of 2013 SP Authentic Basketball today and YES there was no Michael Jordan or Lebron James Auto's in it.

Any thoughts or ideas............

Isn't there suppose too be one in a case ??

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mike.....
There are others in the list of case hits. I'm not sure who, but what were your top autos? I might be able to tell you which was the case hit from that.
I found the list. I think it is one group A auto per case.
I was under the impression that there was supposed to be a Lebron or Jordan in one half of the case and the other half would have a Tier A autograph of someone like Grant Hill or Magic Johnson or some of the other big names they have. If that is the case, I would try to contact upper deck. I have never personally dealt with them but if they are anything like Panini they should compensate somehow.
Upper Deck is God-awful with Customer Service. If it isn't on the box specifically they will not do anything for you. Panini sucks but at least they are reasonable.
This years product has been very tough. I bought a box and haven't looked back. I haven't heard of anyone pulling anything worth talking about that I know personally.