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Full Version: Started a new Driver Collection - - Trade me your David Pearson!!
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I pulled a Pearson 2012 Redline HoF Auto/RU card a month or two ago. The picture on the card features a younger Pearson and it has had me enamored ever since. Quite possibly, he has one of the most photogenic faces to be put on a card. The man had that "cool factor" going for him. And he's a HoF driver to boot! Unfortunately, I was 8 when he retired, so I don't remember seeing him in action, but a little research shows he had some dominating seasons...winning 10-16 races in 5 different seasons! Would have loved to had been born a generation earlier to have witnessed some of these legends of NASCAR.

So with that...I'm looking for any and all David Pearson cards. I don't have many yet, so I probably don't have yours Wink

Open offers & 'Check Me' posts both work. Thank you in advance for any help in getting this collection started.

Thank You & Be Well -
Yes and 2nd most wins of all time!
Got your offer and taking a look.
Jason, check my ORG. I'm sure I have a few in there FT.
One of the very few drivers that I have no cards of at all, sorry Sad

(06-24-2013, 05:02 PM)Echo7Bravo Wrote: [ -> ]One of the very few drivers that I have no cards of at all, sorry Sad

Not anymore. I think I got your only one in our last trade...a NHOF Blue. Thank you for thinking of me though!

And Adam...going to take a look tonight. Thank you!

And a HUGE public "Thank You" to Shelbysaleen for helping me with getting my Pearson collection started! I am enormously grateful!