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Full Version: *** Penny Hardaway - My First Auto ***
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Been searching for an Auto of one of my favorite players growing up.
Penny Hardaway was my little brother's favorite player, Jordan was mine and we would enjoy every time they matched up. A few years ago my brother lost his passion for card collecting and gave me his Penny PC. He was never able to acquire an auto of his cause they've always been pretty pricy. Got an opportunity to pick this up for $50. This is for you little brother:

[Image: PennyAutoTT_zpsdb07f172.jpg]
Sweet card! Ahh the good old days of the 90's when kids would either collect MJ, Penny, or Hill! Good times good times Smile
Nice card! I have been wanting to grab a Penny auto myself. $50 is a great price most the ones I have seen go around $100 or more. I used to collect Penny back when he was with Shaq on Orlando.
yeah good times I remember penny shaq nick Anderson dennis scott where the magics back then now that was a team
That is a really nice card. It is a shame that his career wasn't what it could have been due to injuries. Still a great player!