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Full Version: A funny short story for all
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I went to an LCS that I normally don't go to today. He has a lot of older wax for cheap. Since I don't go very often I normally bring in recent hits or what-have-you since the last time I saw him.

As a lot of you may know I hit this from a pack of regular Panini a month or two ago.

[Image: IMG_zps536405df.jpg]

It is /5. I am semi-taking cash offers on it. I showed it to the LCS and he thought it was nice (he doesn't buy singles and I was only showing him because he hadn't seen it). One of his customers saw it and said "too bad Griffin vandalized it" and proceeded to offer me $120 since "that is what Kobe auto's go for".

I wasn't even sure what to make of it. I just laughed but I am not sure what is more funny, the offer of $120 or the idea that Blake Griffin is just some scrub that was put onto the card.
Wow that offer is Laughable! Even if it was just a Kobe auto, it would still sell for higher than average Kobe autos because its so rare. Griffin may not be a Kobe Bryant but he has a large fan base and his autos still sell higher than most players.
the guy with the $120 offer would have bought it, put it on ebay with a $500 bin/bo and would be pumping it all over the various forums lol. always get low ball offers on the bay (i actually get mad at stupid offers), but to have it said to you directly to your face...
I understand his comment about "vandalizing" the card, though I think he was being a bit dramatic to say the least. If I had a PC on card auto that also featured another player I would find that far less valuable than just the single player. I personally find these cards not highly desirable, though a SICK pack pull, due to the focus being them as company spokesmen, not as ball players.

With that being said what a twit to bash the card and then make an offer!
Evolution and karma always take care of people like him. That's a sweet card, goes without saying.
(06-18-2013, 07:24 PM)rjcj2017 Wrote: [ -> ]Evolution and karma always take care of people like him. That's a sweet card, goes without saying.
Sweet card, Blake griffin graffiti and all!
I'll pay $125 Wink
I would have at least tried to go the other way and said "Too bad Kobe signed it, I mean, he signs everything.." and offered peanuts for the Griffin auto. *joke*

All aside, that is pretty laughable.

I can see why you dont go to this particular LCS much. There's a guy like him at a card show I go to.
That's a sweet card I would be glad to have in my Kobe PC. hint hint wink wink Wink
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