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Full Version: 1984 Marino card question
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My son just opened a 1984 topps football pack that he ordered off of ebay and pulled a Dan Marino rookie card. We noticed when comparing it to the one he already has (which is a graded card) that this card is slightly different. It has a white circle looking symbol to the right of the word Dolphins, right below the topps logo. It also has a small blank circle with a green dot in the middle on the back of it. Just wondering if anyone has ever seen this before? Was wondering if it is a misprint. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks
Sounds like maybe a printing error. Have a pic of it you can post?
you have apic of it? also interested in getting rid of it?
Here is a picture of the card with a misprint next to the regular Marino card.

I can't seem to get the picture to post without it being a thumbnail. If you click on , it should come up. Let me know if you can see it.

I cannot seem to get the picture to post right. I am trying on a new post. Any info on how to post images would be appreciated. Thanks.
Attaching a file doesn't work on this site. You need to use a photo hosting service like photobucket or one of the other ones. You can upload the image from your computer to their site and then copy and paste it to your thread. Hope this helps.
Here is a pic
That is not a common error, but I've seen a few and even own a graded 9 one. It's authentic.