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Full Version: 2 Finals Promo's & 1 Box 12/13 Limited & Timeless Treasures
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Received on Friday....Limited 1 box, Timeless Treasures 1 box & 2 Promos. Here are the hits with scans....

Limitted = Redemption, Josh Harrellson RC; Center Stage Materials #/199, Metta World Peace; Unlimited Potential AU #/199, Iman Shumpert
[Image: img436_zpscb836284.jpg]

Timeless Treasures = Perennial Materials #/149, Kelly Tripucka; Time To Shine AU #37/199, Iman Shumpert; Glass Rookie #/499, Robert Sacre.
[Image: img437_zps6596c1e0.jpg]

Promo's = Private Signings AU #3/10, B.J. Armstrong; Rookie AU Patch #5/10, Derrick Williams.
[Image: img438_zpse06beb6b.jpg]
Nice Shumperts...if you are trading please check me...also for the Sacre.
Sweet bj armstrong