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Full Version: Looking for user Fiston44
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Our trade was accepted on April 21. We have both shipped our cards, but I have not received mine. I do not know if you have received yours, because you have responded to my messages, and you haven't logged on since May 3.

Has anyone else had a recent trade with Fiston, and how long did you have to wait to receive your cards? Is anyone friends with this user? Does anyone know if Fiston is doing well and still a member of this site?

Still looking for my cards from a trade from April with Fiston44.

Does anyone know if this person is still active on the site? They haven't logged in since May 3, and I still don't have my cards.

have you contacted floydtown? Let him know you haven't received your cards
I got my cards yesterday. The postmark on the envelope is Aug. 30! 4 months after he said he shipped them originally!!! Ridiculous.
i have a trade currently going with him...agreed trade monday aug.19/13 he marked his as shipped the same day he also completed all fields in trade on 8/30/13...i haven't been to my mail box for bout 3 days so i'll check tomorrow
Good luck! He's received positive feedback for 2 or 3 trades since mine in April, so others are getting their cards. But, I do not know the details behind those trades.
got his cards
I recently just had a completed trade with him and had no issues.
I am still waiting on cards from him marked as shipped Aug. 22nd.
Finally received my cards from fiston44 yesterday, after I posted negative feedback on the weekend.
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