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Full Version: Press Pass #1
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Over the last few months I bought some 2013 Total Memorabilia Blaster Boxes (7, but only kept 5 of the boxes) from Target and they were missing the retail red cards. I e-mailed Press Pass and explained this to them and they said for me to mail the bar codes and send it in with the receipt. I told them I did not have the receipt because Target just lists the cards as Excel, not what you actually bought. They said "OK, thanks", so I cut out the Bar code as well as the Hologram that has the S/N on it and mailed it with a copy of the e-mail. I also attached a hand written note stating that I know that they probably do not take requests but I collect these drivers, listing 5 of them, thinking what can it hurt. A little more than a week later, today, I get a bubble mailer from press pass, in it was 10 retail red cards and 4 of them were of the 5 drivers that I listed. This is the first time I have contacted a card company and I was extremely happy with the results. Here are the cards that I received:

#15 Jeff Gordon (PC)
#27 Mark Martin (PC)
#33 Danica Patrick (PC)
#39 Austin Dillon
#13 Carl Edwards
#23 Matt Kenseth
#37 Josh Wise
#44 Rising Stars Josh Berry
#47 Rising Stars Kyle Larson
#48 Rising Stars Nicole Lyons

If I decide to trade the 7 non-PC cards I will respond to this post and let everyone know. Thought that I would share some good news, thank you.

Congrats Jerry! Press Pass seems like a great company. I had a issue with a card I bought on the bay , I sent it in and they replaced it!
If anyone is curious U am trading these 6 cards #13 Carl Edwards, #23 Matt Kenseth, #37 Josh Wise, #44 Rising Stars Josh Berry, #47 Rising Stars Kyle Larson, and #48 Rising Stars Nicole Lyons. Already added them to my Org FT. Thank you.