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Full Version: Looking for Patrick Sharp
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Looking to get a Patrick Sharp RC or possibly some other Sharps too..

LMK what you have and Check my ORG is I have anything you need. thansk
Got this one available...

[Image: 10-11CertifiedFabricoftheGameTeamDieCutPatrickSharp.jpg]

Short print, numbered to 10. Let me know if you're interested and I'll shoot you an offer.
Im interested..LMK what kind of value you are putting on it and check my org if u see anything..thks..
It's NPDTS, but I'd say maybe $20-25, that's what other players at around his level are going for, even though it's SP'd. Those are supposed to be #/25, but Crosby, Ovechkin and Sharp are all #/10. Send me a trade offer with that, and anything else that may catch your eye, I'm looking to make bigger deals for trade bait, so the more I can move, the better.
that sharp is sick lmk if you dont like anything he has check out my org
check my org, see if there's anything you coud use.
Offer sent, clearly one-sided, but see if there's anything else I have that may interest you, and send it back my way.