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Full Version: Box of 08-09 Topps
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Went to my LCS and he gave me a good deal on a box of 08-09 topps that he wanted to get rid of so I decided I'd give it a try. Was looking to pull a D-rose. Overall I think I did alright!! All will be FT when I get them into my org.
[Image: IMG_5359.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5361.jpg]
Kidd is 2/10 unripped
[Image: IMG_5362.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5364.jpg]
Westbrook is a gold foil
[Image: IMG_5366.jpg]
Magic is 50/51, unfortunately the edges came out a little rough. Like the card a lot though.
[Image: IMG_5367.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5368.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5369.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5371.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5372.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5373.jpg]
Like these cards a lot. I think the variations are pretty cool.
Sweet break. Awesome Magic and JKidd!
Love that Magic!! Sweet pull!!! If its for trade please check me for it..
nice break! Great Stan Love card, don't get staches like those nowadays. They might actually be banned under the Stern dressing code, lol!
Nice james