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Full Version: 2011-12 Limited plus 2 boxes of 3 random products
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My LCS had boxes of 2011-12 Limited for $75. The stuff is boom or bust. Unfortunately it was a bust but it is what it is.

Retired Numbers auto /99- Sean Elliott
Trophy Case Materials /99- Karl Malone
2011 Draft Class auto redemptions XRCT- I think it is Norris Cole
Spotlight Blue type card /49- Raja Bell
Base- Penny Hardaway and some other scrub

2 packs of Marquee
Fat Lever auto redemption
Chandler Parsons swirl-o-rama
Bradley Beal Swirl-o-rama
Acetate rookie-Klay Thompson
Stars of the night-Melo
Die rookie-Terrence Ross
Bunch of base scrubs

2 Packs of Contenders
Lavoy Allen auto
Statistical contenders- DeAndre Jordan, D-12
bunch of base scrubs

2 Packs of threads
John Henson auto
Terrence Willaims High Flyers
More base scrubs than I know what to do with

Other than the fact that the Limited sucked, I hit one auto each out of the other products so I really cant complain there even if the autos are total scrubs.

I wont add these to my org unless someone is looking for them specifically.
Wo wo wo lol John Henson is not a scrub! I think he is going to be good and im not just saying that because he is a Tar Heel Big Grin
Actually I think he can ball. THe scrubs I was referring to were the rest of the guys I got in the threads packs.
If the auto is a Norris Cole I would be interested in it.
Not bad