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Full Version: Two more boxes of Past & Present with Scans
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I grabbed two more of these boxes because at $150 for two boxes I feel that it is difficult to lose. Panini collation sucks but it kind of worked to my benefit. Please notice the similarities of the inserts here. I will post each box separately in this thread.

Box 1:
[Image: _IMG_0001_NEW_zpsd14aadac.jpg]
[Image: _IMG_NEW_zps72cd2f7b.jpg]
[Image: _IMG_NEW_0001_zps7426f7cb.jpg]

Box 2:
[Image: _IMG_NEW_0002_zpscda8fd22.jpg]
[Image: _IMG_NEW_0003_zps18ec64cc.jpg]

A few PC. I had the Raining 3's but now I have a double
[Image: _IMG_NEW_0004_zpsdd103f8e.jpg]

[Image: _IMG_NEW_0005_zps17f042f7.jpg]

This will all be FT. I might also just throw some of this stuff on the Bay and see how it does since I got so many damn duplicates.
PM sent, my friend.
Sweet hits lol it looks a lot like your last break. Interested in the Kyrie Sneaker card and the Rise N Shine!
Nice nash!
(06-06-2013, 11:22 PM)quavis Wrote: [ -> ]Nice nash!
There is a Charlotte Hornet and all you see is Nash? Come on man! lol

Nice breaks considering you got dupes of Kyrie, Lillard, and Lebron and then the Kobe PC inserts!
Looks like you did pretty well! Wouldn't mind a shot at the Wade
Nice nash and gill auto