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Full Version: Kobe Lebron Panini P&P Dual /49
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Hello everyone,
I went to the Wal-Mart on this nice 95 degree Redding California evening looking for a couple blasters but ended up purchasing the last 3 remaining 2013 Panini P&P Rack Packs and pulled this Kobe Lebron dual jersey #23/49, and being #23 I was just wondering if that might increase the value a little bit? (Yes I do realize that was his OLD jersey #)Anyway I don't collect basketball but had to scratch that itch and get something different, you have all been there so don't laugh. Long story short I would like to trade it off to someone that would like to have it for there PC instead of it being stuck in my commons box. Here is the pic, not the best but but the iphone was all I had handy.
[Image: kobejamesjersey_zpsa68cfe96.jpg]
I doubt it. If it was just Lebron maybe, but since it's a dual with kobe I wouldn't think the value increasing from numbering. Don't feel too bad, you probably made back your money with just that one card.
I'll take it off your hands if I have anything you'd want for it.
sweet pull. check me for it if it's for trade.
Nice pull. Check me for it please.
You can check me also. I might have some PC stuff I would trade also. Let me know what you are looking for.
check me as well too!