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Full Version: 2012-13 Past and Present- Another 2 box break
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I paid $160 for two boxes of P&P. At $80 per box, three autos, it is fairly difficult to lost too much. This is how I did.

[Image: RiseNShine_zps878caa6b.jpg]
Collation is awful
[Image: _IMG_zpsc2ce53e3.jpg]
[Image: MiscPampPInserts_zpsf9602195.jpg]
More terrible collation
[Image: _IMG_0001_zps51f641a1.jpg]
Base set variations. I over hit as these are typically one per box. The Kobe is PC.
[Image: _IMG_0002_zps676b7ab0.jpg]
The redemption is Kawhi.

I think I did OK. I got a ton of doubles but I got the doubles of the guys you want to get doubles of. Combining the break with my break last week I have all the P&P I will ever need.

All if FT except the Kobe Variation.
LOCK me in for the KYRIE!!! Big Grin Looks like you did pretty good. Nice Love auto.
Maybe we can work something out for that Lillard and Harrison Barnes on the current trade we have.
Not bad at all man, I love the look of those shattered cards. Did you pull any other headbands besides the Dwight? Thanks Smile
Nice redemption