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Full Version: 1 box 12-13 SP Authentic
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I haven't touched SPA since the 98-99 SPA and I think I was just as disappointed with that as I was with this lol. I have been trying my best to stay away from wax because I find it much cheaper to just buy singles.... plus my LCS rarely carries any new basketball products. For some reason they had 7 boxes of SPA and I had to go pick up supplies. I knew they had ordered them and I was planning on buying a handful of packs but when I got there all the boxes were still sealed and sitting on the shelf... he was going to open one for me but I let my impulsiveness get the better of me and said screw it just give me a box @ $110. Looking back I wish I would have just gone for the BOSTON patch booklet I had intended to win today... but oh well. Here are scans of the stuff.... also I pulled 2 complete base sets from one box with 9 base cards left over. I couldn't believe that.... seems like kind of a waste for the money. To much base not enough inserts. I do have 1 base set for trade if anyone is interested and all of these inserts and autos are also for trade.

[Image: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000...7f3140.jpg]

The Jordan Canvas Collection is pretty cool, but is definitely not going to be a high value card. Not sure what the odds are on the Kidd Canvas Collection Gold but it's not #ed so I doubt it is anything much. And who the hell is JaMYCHAL Green?

[Image: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000...5c3a0c.jpg]
Sorry to hear of your bummer break. The canvas cards look nice... but all that college stuff is just not working for me.
JaMychal plays for the Austin Torros. I cannot believe they would put a guy like that in. Sorry man.
Lol I appreciate the sympathy. While I'm not a fan of the college Jerseys, I like buying non panini stuff from time to time, so despite the lousy break, I will probably still get another box and probably but some packs here and there. Let me know about the FXs if you get a chance Jbittman
I broke 5 boxes of this because I was conviced the case hit was still on the shelves. Pulled a MJ Floor auto, sending it to get graded, also pulled a Magic Johnson Letterman auto #d /5.
Nice Elliot