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Full Version: 5x 08-09 Skybox blasters w/ scan
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I tend to have good luck w/ these whenever they go on sale. There is a guaranteed GU card in each box, but it's usually either a nice RC or a ruby parallel /50 that makes the break worth it. In my experience the rubies fall about one in every other box or so.

Not the case this time. Only one ruby in 5 boxes Sad Decent one though, but not as nice as the Durant I pulled last time! Here are the highlights, everything's FT as usual!

[Image: 08-09skyboxhits001_zps87a0eabf.jpg]
I have never broken one of these blasters. Great draft year though.
Not too bad. Very nice Love! Did you buy these on Blowout?
True story, I met Brook Lopez at Disneyland last summer. He and his brother Robin were there for the opening of the "Cars" exhibit.

They had a security-type guy giving them a tour/keeping people away, but I still got to talk to him for a minute or so, and he was a class guy.

Good player, too, you definitely could have done much worse on the ruby!
No that bad