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Full Version: So what boxes are worth buying!?!
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SO I have been out of the collecting game for quite some time and find myself wanting to get back into the game.

What would be a good place to start? Should I hit local shops to buy boxes or is buying them online a better option?

I'm just curious.

Could always do both. LCS will have the most recent products, while online you can find boxes from the past few years that you might not be able to find at the LCS. I just like buying mostly from the LCS because mine atleast is always friendly and will help you out and be on the lookout for certain cards. Just my 2 cents.
Buy singles you will be MUCH happier
depends on what you want! Buying singles is definitely the best way to get what you want, but if you have issues like me and LOVE busting wax, it depends on your priorities. I tend to stick to old school stuff b/c I love 90s cards. I will occasionally bust newer products, but usually only if there's a good deal on something or if there is a chance at an MJ auto (which means Upper Deck products). There was just a big sale on with their 08-09 Skybox blasters. They were $18 each. You are guaranteed either a GU or an auto hit...typically though the best hits are the RCs (D-Rose, Westbrook, Love) and the rubies /50 which tend to fall about one in every other box from my experience.

Just price stuff out, wait for sales, check out the box breaks here and you'll get a good idea of what's worth it and what's not!
I just bought a case of 11-12 Fleer Retro and was very very happy. Its a little pricey but I did pull a Magic Johnson PMG Green /10 only other one that has ever been sold went for 3350 so im debating selling it for another case lol
I have been keeping it simple and working on finishing the Panini 2012-13 base set. Been doing well. Might go get a box of those in the next week.