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Full Version: Last few weeks of mail...
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So i haven't made one of those post in a while, i added quite a lot of stuff mostly for the PC but also some traders. So let me show off haha

Lets start with Mike Richter, not a lot of new stuff but three nice one, especially since im mostly looking for parallel of the late 90's. Im now at 584 different cards listed on beckett, 10-20 more not listed.
[Image: Richters_zps2688c2ef.jpg]

Also added a few Jonathan Quick, im now at 85 different cards
[Image: Quick1_zps6697ae2d.jpg]

Keith Yandle, as been my main focus lately, now at 64 different cards.
[Image: Yandle1_zps31b90b68.jpg]

Ryan Callahan, will be my main focus in the coming weeks/months, now at 56 different cards.
[Image: Callahan1_zps0e26559c.jpg]

Added only one new Jason Zucker, nothing worth sharing.

And last for the PC, the last player i started collecting one of the newest NYRangers and future superstar John Moore. I was already a fan when i was a Jackets and tought about collecting his cards last summer but him being traded to my favorite team was just a confirmation that i had to start a new pc. As of now i have 32 different John Moore cards, here are some of them:
[Image: Moore1_zps1a1aed08.jpg]

[Image: Moore2_zps9cb79ff6.jpg]

Finally, some traders:

[Image: traders2_zpsaed69b02.jpg]

[Image: Traders_zps20427154.jpg]

Like i said, in the coming weeks/month i will be mostly looking for Callahan cards but also all the 12-13 Artifacts of the players i collect.
Nice stuff! That one Prime Moore is pretty sick.
Nice stuff. It's going to be really hard having someone else on here with the same interests LOL I'm mainly focusing on my set killers right now but I'm going to try and pick up on the Richter's soon Smile
Great looking additions.