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Full Version: Best stores for buying glass curio cabinets / display
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Where do you purchase your display cabinets and such for your hobby items? I found these beautiful curio cabinets at Ikea for what I think is a great price ($80) but the their closest store to me is several hours away.

So what stores in Canada or the USA carry these items like these are reasonable prices? Any ideas of where I could look?

This is a pic of the $80 ones at Ikea. I really love the fact that it is all glass.

[Image: curiocabinet_zpsf3cda319.jpg]
that is a nice looking case - once I get my man cave, that will certainly be an addition... 5-7 years.
Try Jysk

Thanks for the tip on JYSK. They actually had some cabinets that were very similar to the ones on IKEA at a similar price, plus they offered free shipping, so that would have been a huge bonus. However, those curio's were out of stock at the moment. I might have to check back in a couple of weeks to see if they restocked them.
The IKEA cabinets are nice, but small. They fill up very quickly. You should consider buying more than one if you go that route. I would try Craigslist first. Good luck.
ya craigslist would be a good find prolly and get it cheap
I also end up at Ikea...
Jysk gives me a headache.

Personally, I'd walk into any shop that custom cuts glass and ask if they ever do anything like that. When I worked in a glass shop we did that stuff all the time. We usually wouldn't build the hole thing unless you wanted it entirely glass, but we had a guy who knew carpentry for awhile. We were also forever taking in "scratch'n'dent" finds from furniture outlets with just broken glass but otherwise mint and replacing it.

Alternatively, if you don't mind a bit of a warmer look, garage sales and flea markets are gold mines for this sort of thing. I currently have my collection in a hand-me-down china cabinet and it works great.