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Full Version: Charles Woodson back on the Raiders!
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Only a 1 year deal but I'm pumped to see my favorite Raider defender back in the Silver n Black!

Picked this up a few weeks back, figured if any thread was worth showing it off this is the one!
[Image: NT%20Trip%209%20of%2010.jpg]

Feel free to post your Favorite Woodson cards in here as well if you have them!
That is my favorite Woodson card!!! Been wanting one of those ever since I saw one!!
(05-21-2013, 09:22 PM)ricky williams 34 Wrote: [ -> ]That is my favorite Woodson card!!! Been wanting one of those ever since I saw one!!
Love that card myself (just wish Moss was on there)! It's actually my first and only Woodson auto.. Someday I'll pony up and grab the 98 Bowman lol
I'm glad he signed with someone. I was figuring if somebody didn't pick him up, that the Packers would bring him back for 1 million or something like that. The fact that he signed back with his first team I think is really cool for him as well! I was a little surprised at how much they are going to pay him, though, especially considering they probably could have gotten for less had they waited a little while longer.

I do like that auto, though!
Was hoping he would go to the Gmen. Really needed a safety and he would have brought that and leadership to the D. But always great to see players return home.
Sweet, now it doesn't seem so awkward to still have this card, one that I pulled 10 years ago and decided to keep, haha
[Image: image_zpscaac69c5.jpg]
Happy to hear that Woodson will be back with the Raiders this year. Once a RAIDER always a RAIDER.