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Full Version: UD Redemption Cards
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A few months ago, I received a 2011-12 UD Artifacts Redemption Card of Adam Larsson from UD. I kept it in the top loader they shipped it in, including leaving the tape that kept the card in the loader. I sent the card into Beckett for grading and received a grading of 9: (Centering 9.5; Corners 9; Edges 8.5; Surface 9.5). I emailed UD and expressed my disappointment in the condition of the card, especially when only Beckett personnel and UD personnel are the only ones that handled the card. My reply from UD was as follows:

"We fail to see how a card with a Beckett rating of 9.0 would be considered defective. We use caution and diligence when handling cards for shipment. We cannot control what happens to a card in the shipping process."

I would expect that receiving a card from the company would be in Pristine at least Gem Mint condition. Not impressed with UD right now.
It's not like you got a 7 or something lol
still a 9 is pretty solid

if it was like a 7 or below then i be worried
I'm very picky when it comes to my cards. LOL. I try not to send in any unless it comes back as a 9.5.
I bet 80% of cards straight out of the pack would not be any better.
ya me too i bet more then 80% are
I feel like your nitpicking
WOW, I guess your expectations are a bit high. I would just be happy to actually receive a redemption.
It probably graded higher than it would have if it was pulled from a pack.