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Full Version: Been gone a while but back and selling team lots
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Hey guys,

I had to take some time off for various reasons, and owe one to daddyslilallstar, hit me up and I want to make good on a deal we had a while back.

I hope this okay per the posting rules...if not please let me know and I will fix it.
I am compiling team lots with an auto in each and every lot. I picked up a few cases worth of cards at some local auctions and now am downsizing. The team lots will range from 1970s to 2013. I am looking at 50 cards per team lot plus an auto of various players.

Angels $15
Astros $10
Athletics $10
Blue Jays $10
Braves $15
Brewers $10
Cubs $10
Diamondbacks $10
Dodgers $10
Giants $15
Indians $10
Mariners $10
Marlins $10
Mets $10
Nationals $15
Orioles $15
Padres $10
Phillies $10
Pirates $10
Rangers $15
Rays $10
Red Sox $10
Reds $10
Rockies $10
Royals $10
Tigers $15
Twins $10
White Sox $10
Yankees $15

I can include pics tonight or tomorrow of various team lots if needed.