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Full Version: FINALLY!! 4 years in the making....
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Been patiently waiting on the last one I needed, the second "S." One finally popped up online a couple weeks ago, probably overpaid with my best offer but I don't care....I couldn't let it slip by.

2008-09 SPGU Letter Marks!
[Image: STASTNYLM_zps02aab06f.jpg]

So freakin' happy. Now how to display it....?

absolutely amazing. beautiful. Smile
Always exciting to get that last card that completes a long project.
Congrats on the set - it looks great!
Man that is awesome! Well done
Very nice! Well worth the wait. Congrats
Stellar achievement! Congrats on the nameplate completion!

congrats on that name plate

well worth it
Congrats some finally finishing your set. Looks amazing
Awesome - congrats!!! It's always a rush to complete a project like this!!
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