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Full Version: quick question from a new guy
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i see the cards that each have a letter that spell out the team name which set or what kind of card is that so i can try to find some of them
Lots - sp game used, panini prime, ud black, just about every ITG product
do you know what insert that is tho
They're different depending on the set... use ebay and just search until you see one, take note of the name when you come across one. That's what I do when looking up a new set
(05-19-2013, 12:33 AM)phildo37 Wrote: [ -> ]Lots - sp game used, panini prime, ud black, just about every ITG product

for sp game used some are team names, country names, last names or other items

hopes that helps
so i searched sp game used chicago blackhawks into ebay and found the kane K but im pretty sure that only spells kane how do i know if it spells kane and blackhawks
If it says Team Marks it spells the team name i believe, and if its Letter Marks, is spells the players name. If its "By The Letter" it means theres only 1 of each letter and it'll be serial numbered to the amount of letters in the players name EX. K-A-N-E K would be 1/4, A would be 2/4, etc. Team and Letter marks are usually numbered to 50, or 75 i think.
how do i know which actual series or year of the series has blackhawks tho
It should say on the back of the card. Itll have like "2011-12 SP Game Used" on it somewhere. And the series name will be on the front of the card.
So you are saying the 11-12 have the Blackhawks in it
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