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Full Version: 1st group break for me...(no pics yet) sry
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Hey everyone, I took part in a group break today. It was for 12-13 artifacts, and got my team the Pens. The first bit was kind of crumby and was losing hope and a lot of money....I got to choose afew different teams, but ended up with the main one I wanted. Here is a list of the hits from my break. Most of them will be for trade when I receive them...just a heads up.

Florida rookie redemption
Vinny Lacavalier treasured swatches
Simon Despres /999
Marc Fleury /999
morrow emerald
Nick Foligno auto
XI redemption
Crosby buyback /10...Woot!
That one made my break worth it...
scans of the crosby!
looking forward to the buyback! picture