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Retired NASCAR driver Dick Trickle died today from an apprarent self inflicted gunshot wound. He called 911 from a cemetary and told them there would be a dead body and it would be his.

[Image: DICKTRICK.jpg]

Dick Trickle has 306 cards including 14 certified autographs.

He raced for 24 years at the cup level never fortunate enough to visit victory lane. He did amass 15 top fives and never really started racing cup full time until he was 47.

he may have been the all time winningest short track driver at one time.

If you do not know about this racer please research it is interesting. He was even a staple on espn sportscenter when for years they would say dale sr wins and dick trickle finished 37th. You always knew where mr trickle ended up.
I heard about this on my local news around 10:30pm EDT. I didn't hear anything about a 911 call, but they did talk about him for a couple of minutes. Such a shame to hear that it happened.

RIP Mr. Trickle!
I did check out some more info on Mr. Trickle. I found this story/quote from Geoff Bodine that I thought I should share.
Bodine recalled inviting Trickle to compete in one of his bobsled events in 2004 at Lake Placid, N.Y.
He said Trickle went down the first time and crashed. After being cleared by doctors to continue, Trickle tried again and crashed in the same place.
''They were doing interviews with him on TV and he was like, `I don't know what happened, I did the exact same thing I did the first time,''' Bodine said. ''And we're all looking at him like, hey Dick, maybe that was the problem.''

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