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Full Version: Pulled a 2013 Ignite #0 Danica out of a retail blaster today (Scan now Posted)
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I've only picked up 3 retail 2013 Ignite blasters so far as they were just stocked around here this past Thursday. But the 3rd one I cracked today delivered this little gem. The #0 'Danica Wins Historic Poll at Daytona' card. Not sure if these are retail or hobby odds, or both, but the Press Pass site says there is only 1 card per half case. Ebay prices are starting to come down a bit on this card, but it still seems to be selling for around $20. (BTW - This is not for trade or sale. It's gonna fit nicely in my Danica collection)

By the by...when is Beckett going to get the 2013 Ignite added to the database? 2013 Ignite has been out for a couple weeks now, yet the 2013 Bowman (baseball) hit just this past Wednesday and it's already up on Beckett. Just curious.

[Image: IMG_0027_zpsa0e8df4f.jpg]
Nice card, jealous Smile I bought 2 blaster packs yesterday and 2 single packs. Got a Jr RU firesuit and cyan card and a Menard firesuit. Also waiting for them to load the cards into database so I can add them to Org FT.

You know I'd like to see the #0 card.
Also, I responded to your PM on both sites. You should know I'm easier to reach here. Tongue
Oh yeah. Ignite should be up in the next week or so. It just depends on if they want to add BV's to them first or add in the cards w/out BV's.
Sweet card! You know who to talk to if you pull another one!
(05-14-2013, 01:20 PM)spazmatastic Wrote: [ -> ]Sweet card! You know who to talk to if you pull another one!
Yeah, to me Smile jk

(05-14-2013, 07:39 PM)Echo7Bravo Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah, to me Smile jk

lol, when I read his post earlier, I nearly replied: You, Jerry, and a couple others I know...

But I resisted. I think I was pretty lucky pulling one copy. If...and that's a big if...I happen to pull a second, maybe I'll hold a little contest with the card as the prize...that way I wouldn't have to choose between friends and just give the winner the card. But before all that, let's just work on pulling it twice. Wink
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Good reply Jerry (AND Jason too)! I saw another one pop up today, but I just don't think I have anything to get it. I really wish I didn't need to get my car inspected and renew my license plate this month. I'd have about $70 extra to spend on cards. So much stuff showing up FS that I'd like to buy...