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Full Version: Afew new additions to trade...
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Hey everyone, I recently acquired afew new additions and im looking to get different penguins, Lemieux, Crosby, etc. or anything that catches my eye. I added more to the org. also...Thank you
[Image: 7F7081E4-D39B-408D-9A31-11B71C3A01BE-205...e2f682.jpg]
[Image: 948B7033-50E0-4D9C-B523-54FAFB00934B-205...0bc3d9.jpg]
[Image: 39BB6C5C-ED8F-4CD9-A4BC-7CB5DB39E455-171...11f8c8.jpg]
[Image: 74450006-E352-4430-B3E0-23A4420B9EA1-171...6cc10b.jpg]
[Image: E0C31243-005D-4FA7-8B2E-F5D3239480C4-853...1d9c79.jpg]
[Image: F922B260-04E6-4C0A-A282-983F5CD51CEF-902...6D414F.jpg]
[Image: 630BE528-4BB1-43E1-BC3A-4C025CF65DF2-981...0792E9.jpg]
[Image: B366D40C-AE26-4FF8-85C9-FA72422788CE-147...40a610.jpg]
Any Pens stuff out there....crickets...
Oy... I really like that fleury. Are you looking for just penguins?
or anything that catches my eye... do you get your images to show up on the message?
Hey Man, did you see my "The Cup" thread? There's a nice Brian Straight black auto /5 and a really nice Pens triple patch. I haven't posted them in my org but can do so if you're interested (they are NPDTS anyway). Let me know if you want to work something out. Thanks
SICK! Huge cards there, Jeff!!! If I have anything that you need, I will surely be interested in a trade.

Yeah, I want to trade for any one of those penguins, but i haven't added any new value penguins since you last turned me down. *sigh*

Actually, I forgot to add stuff to my org, HIT IT!
Vitale pictured is gone, but I do have another nice one available.
some pending....any Pens out there?