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Full Version: 2013 Leaf Legends of the Gridiron cut sig random break
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Just got done watching a random break for the Legends of the Gridiron cut signatures that just came out today with my breaker, and it was an interesting break. I was hoping to get Lombardi for the break, but somebody else ended up with it... and got the Lombardi 1/1!! I was disappointed with that. But, at the end of the break, I actually got a hit on one of the people I did get in the random, since they did the random by names of the people in the cards, and ended up getting a dual cut Pat Sullivan and Steve Owens (I think it was Steven Owens, I had Pat) which was also a 1/1!!!

Anyhow, of course, I don't have it in hand yet, and it will definitely be up for trade if anybody would be interested when I get it in the mail. Pat played in Atlanta and Washington, and was a Heisman winner when he played at Auburn. Steve, if he was indeed the other cut on the card, was the Heisman winner at Oklahoma, and played for the Lions, and was the first 1000 yard rusher for them. I'll confirm that when I get it. It's slabbed and authenticated by Beckett (though not graded).
Oh, and I'll definitely post pics when I get it next week!
I would def be interested in the Owens. JLMK what u are after. Mike
Mike, looks like I was mistaken, I went back in and watched the video from the break (they don't post it until the next morning), and it was Greg Beban and not Steve Owens. I was so excited I got a card in that break that I couldn't remember who the second guy on the card was!! LOL Anyhow, yeah, so the card is Pat Sullivan and Greg Beban, Beban being the fellow that won the Heisman for UCLA. I think I may actually know someone who may be interested in it now that I know it has a UCLA alum on it!
LOL okay no prob.
This is a pretty cool card all slabbed up and beckettified!

Too bad I missed out on the Lombardi! C'est le vie!
thats pretty sweet!
I really like the looks of it, even though they are cuts. I am even thinking about getting one for myself if I can find a good deal on what I'm looking for. I really like the Greg Beban auto, he has a neat signature.