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Full Version: NT Group Break, Texans/Chargers, Sweet Hits
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I took part in a NT group brea and had the Texans/Chargers. I wasn't too excited with those 2 teams, but I ended up doing good.

[Image: scan0011_zps9dac9b9b.jpg]

[Image: scan0013_zps7664d3e0.jpg]

[Image: scan0012_zpsf4d3371c.jpg]
That Flutie is super cool! Looks like a great group break!
Sick Flutie!!!
Thanks for the replies. The Flutie actually has what looks like a tiny chip or two on the right end. I'm wondering if they would replace it since I don't actually have a receipt.
Killer Flutie!!!!
Oh that FLUTIE!!!