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Full Version: 1 more card to trade for my BFs birthday, need to trade soon! its Michael Jordan
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So some of you may have seen that I traded a Jeter card for a few cards as a gift for my boyfriend for his birthday. It is on the 9th of this month and I would love to try and get him at least 1 more card for his new collections he is working on. He has been talking about selling/trading this card for awhile so I figured I would give it a try and he wouldn't mind lol. It's a 1994 Topps Finest Michael Jordan and still has the protective film on it. It is a really cool looking card. I would love to get him a hall of famer autograph in football, baseball or basketball. Or a Dodgers autograph, or possibly a really nice basketball rookie card of a really good player. Let me know what you've got, I need to do this quickly since there is only a week until his birthday! Smile
[Image: 3_zps433e63b4.jpg]
Check my Organize to see if there's something you'd like in a trade for this card. I dont have any HOF autos on any sport but I have some Rookie cards of Kobe, Blake Griffen, James Harden and a few other.
I sent you an open trade offer.
does he like Derrick Rose? i got a Bowman rc, its from my PC but im willing to trade it because im wanting the topps chrome rc anyways.

Also got a 2008 Mickey mantle topps factory set gold I may trade. both cards are the same BV as the Jordan.
The card has been traded. ThAnk you to the person I traded with, you know who you are!