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Full Version: redemtion trade in
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So, I won a panini redemption on ebay a while ago. I still haven't gotten the card. I've emailed them a few times asking for a replacement, No response. What's your cat's secrets? I see all the time on here large companies sending in replacements because people do not want to wait. soooooo, Let the cat out of the bag already. I want another sweet card!
It took me numerous emails and 2 phone calls to get my replacement from Panini. The first phone call was nice, the second not so much. The first call they said they would ship out right away. After 2 weeks from that point with nothing I called again. Stay on them!
I have had 3 replacements from Panini. The key is when you redeem online you have to select the timeframe to wait. I always select the shorter one.

I call and have had very good luck. The people have always been pleasant and easy to work with. The first 2 times they checked for available Red Wings cards with a comparable BV for me and asked which one I wanted. The most recent time they actually had the card available and sent it out that same day.

If it has been more than 8 weeks I would call and ask about the redemption, if it isn't available ask for a replacement.
If your on Twitter PaniniCSM always responds pretty quick..

Also a phone call does the trick with them..they are slow with redemptions but pretty quick with replacements as long as its been over the 4 months..