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Full Version: TRADE or BUY ! '10-'11 Peerless Patches
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I need your help guys !!! everyone needs to be on the lookout for me.... CAP ones will be last and most expensive I would like to focus on the others first... so close but yet so far....

Rinne - help
Nash - help
Del Zotto - help
Fleury - help
HULL - $$$$
Mariuk - help
Vachon - help
OVY - $$$
Ward - help
MALKIN - $$$
Kessler - help
CROSBY - $$$
Ryan - help
ROY - $$$
bump it up, need some help with these....
Bourque and Kipper are off the list.. still looking for the remaining guys listed above... trade or paypall or paypal and trade !!!
help... someone... anyone....?
Pomminville is now off the list... still looking for some more....