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Full Version: Just wanted to share this COOL attic find!!
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(the pics were taken today at a sports shop trying to get some info on value)

Ok, it's not a card, but a sweet piece of hockey fandom none the less...

A little history.

I'm currently very slowly moving out of the house I've lived in for about 15 years. This house was my grandparents house, which I bought and moved into when they passed away. It was built for my grandparents back in 1947, and noone but my family has lived there since. My mother and her sisters were born and grew up there, as did I spend much of my childhood there.

Anyways, I went up to the attic today, which I haven't been in for a few years. (it's not easy to get into, you have to climb thru the bedroom closet, and the stairs are on the other side). I knew there were all kinds of boxes still up there, from when my mother and aunts were still living there, mostly books and board games.

I was looking around, when I saw this leaning against a chair....

[Image: 130430_0008_zpsa952e2e7.jpg]

So I excitedly brought it down through "Narnia" back to the bedroom and pulled the toy out of the box:

[Image: 130430_0001_zpsc5e1ee74.jpg]
[Image: 130430_0002_zps8a147e97.jpg]
[Image: 130430_0004_zps0a5f7c33.jpg]
[Image: 130430_0003_zps9ec5726a.jpg]
[Image: 130430_0005_zps92d8f4fe.jpg]
Yes, I even have the original directions...

[Image: 130430_0006_zps2d7c0b44.jpg]
Along with the original "pucks", a pair of marbles!

This is awesome!! Just wanted to share.

I'm not 100% sure of value, the guy at the shop was being kinda vague, and kept asking if it was for sale..It's not for sale, to me this is a family treasure...

Sweet find. I saw a guy at the Expo with one that was not as old as yours and he has all the HOF players sign it which I thought was neat.
fantastic find
That is a simply amazing find! Congrats on the huge piece of nostalgia!!! The value is not set in stone, I would think, but being a licensed one you should be able to get it appraised fairly high. Awesome and thanks for the share!

That is an awesome find. Maybe you can find some more hidden gems up there.
That is the sweetest find ever. It looks like its mint, Of course he's going to be vague on it. He wants to buy it off you and not let you know how valuable it is. I know its not for sale, and it'll be hard to search to find a value of it, but check ebay and everything around. do a google search for it. Heck, I wonder if beckett would place a value on it. They do that now. SEE BECKETT, I DONT HATE YOU 100%, I JUST GAVE YOU A PLUG. i only hate you 99.999%.
Thats pretty cool, I wonder what my grandparents have in their attic?
Truly a great find. I would put a value of about $450 to $500 on it. As it has been in your family though its priceless. Love stories like this and thanks for sharing it with us.
OMG I can't believe i had one the same as that with the metal players same pucks and all, not sure if it was the exact same one or not. I think mine might have been a later one as i remember a couple of different teams. But man i loved it played it to death and i would even bend the players sticks to get a nice curve where i could actually wrist the pucks at the net! good times for sure, i wouldn't part with it if i found another one like it.
That is AWESOME!!! My grandparents had a very similar model that me and my cousins used to play all the time when we were growing up. We still lament the fact that nobody knows what became of that game after my grandparents passed on and their place was sold. Sad We still talk about that game whenever we get together. Great find - quite jealous here that you still have that excellent piece of history!