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Full Version: 2012 National Treasures
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Sold off my collection but couldn't resist the allure of one last break. Out with a whimper.

Lynch 94/99
Rice 28/99
McCoy 12/99
Seau 87/99
Adams 21/49
Heyward-Bey 07/25 - Damaged
Elway 6/49
Kuechly 76/99
Thomas 44/49
Claiborne 24/49
Tannehill 1/49

Nice Tannehil. Too bad its from the name plate that spells out ROOKIE.
Atleast you hit a legend (remember when this project was ABOUT legends? lol) would love that Elway if you feel like selling! Tongue
would love that Lynch base if it's FT/FS
Nice Tannehill. Rest of break looks blah. Too risky of a product.
LOVE that Tannehill!!!!!!! If you don't like it, I would be happy to take care of it for you!
nice autos man when you say you sold ya collection areyou starting fresh ?