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Full Version: Joe Sakic - TTM auto. anybody want?
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So, When i was a kid, I sent a card and letter to Joe Sakic to get auto. I actually wrote a lot of the models from the SI swim suit issues and got a bunch of those back, but i digress.

So this came back, It's been in a frame in a Tupperware box in the basement. I saved it thinking some day I'll have a man cave, but really, i don't really think even if i do have a man cave, I'll hang sports stuff. It's free to anybody who wants it, just pm me your address. First come first serve.

only requirement is to pay it forward someday. I'm a strong believer in Karma and the whole Pay It Forward principal. Maybe not today, Maybe not tomorrow, But someday is all i ask.

[Image: DSC05574_zpscd0c4406.jpg]
sending PM!
Woah, that's crazy, I just pulled the exact same postcard out of a box full of TTM successes yesterday, showing my kids how to mail away for autographs of their favorite players. I ended up getting Roy, Sakic and Forsberg, all the same design from the team, but all actually signed in blue Sharpie. Very cool.
If Justin doesn't take it I will.
I feel like it's a sin to give it to justin. he's a wings fan.