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Full Version: Five Star case Group Break (Tians/Eagles)
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Did a random draft break wound up with picks #14 (Eagles) and #27 (Titans)

Wright/55 Moon/85 Foles/40
[Image: Scan0001_zps6fc5004f.jpg]

Then this bad boy is 1/1
[Image: Scan0002_zps47d09bd6.jpg]
Who did you do the case break with?
That Foles ='s Amazing!
those are sick, and I'm totally in love with that moon!
Trading anything?
Great stuff!! Love that Foles booklet!!
(04-30-2013, 01:22 PM)the hall Wrote: [ -> ]Who did you do the case break with?
I did this one with Mitch.
(04-30-2013, 07:37 PM)cybertrenz02 Wrote: [ -> ]Trading anything?
Possibly... but I am becoming quite fond of the Foles book though. Never pulled one of those auto books before.
That 1/1 is NASTY!!!!!!
If you want to trade that Moon or any Titans, give me a look.
ALL of those are SICK!!! Congrats!!!
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