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Full Version: how grading effects value?
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Hey guys! I finally got my BGS order in, so it's time for me to start trying to move them for Wings stuff (no I'm not trying to post a trade thread here, just trying to get info). Here's what we have right now:
2009-10 MVP Tavares RC 8.5
2009-10 UD Tavares YG 9
2005-06 MVP Ovechkin RC 9.5

Now my question is...I know the BVs, but how does grading generally affect values. I mean, These guys are stars, and I'd expect the Gem Mt Ovechkin to bring in more than just a base RC of him...but I have no idea what's a fair TV/SV. Opinions?

Thanks a ton guys!
Honestly to me it seems nothing sells for bv, unless it's a bgs9.5, than it might get bv, other than that all cards straight from a pack are supposed to be an 8. Unless you get those deadly black diamond with all the corners on one side all buggered, than they're just useless.