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Full Version: HOF, RC and MISC autos FS
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Looking to sell these. Let me know if your interested.

Demarcus Cousins 57/299 $20
James Worthy 23/25 $25
Clyde Drexler 37/100 $25
Bill Laimbeer 5/5 $25

Buy them all for $80

[Image: IMG_2377_zpsa8e4d5b8.jpg]

Kevin Love $15
Isiah Thomas 939/999 $12
Adrian Dantley 72/99 $12
Lenny Wilkins 3/10 $15
Carlos Boozer 1/25 $12

Buy them all for $50

[Image: IMG_2378_zpse5274259.jpg]
No interest?
i well take all the h.o.l autos. sent me a $ !!!
(04-30-2013, 09:27 AM)tnesmith Wrote: [ -> ]i well take all the h.o.l autos. sent me a $ !!!
PM Sent. Also check my org. I have about 18 LeBron James GU cards FS.
Worthy, Laimbeer, Drexler, Isiah , Dantley and Wilkins are SOLD!

Any interest on the rest?