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Full Version: HOF mail Class of 2009 Edition
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Just had to share this. As a Hull collector I usually don't go too far out of my way to pick up cards of his picturing multiple players, however when I saw this card I knew it was one I needed. I was able to get this for what I considered a good price. It was sent from Canada via registered mail, however due to difficulties with work schedule, I was unable to retrieve it from my local post office before they decided to return it. I compensated the seller to have it sent to me a second time, so it took some time for me to actually get it in my hands. It was well worth the wait........

2010-11 SPGU Authentic Fabrics Quadruple #5/8

[Image: 2010-11%20SP%20Game%20Used%20Authentic%2...le%20a.jpg]

[Image: 2010-11%20SP%20Game%20Used%20Authentic%2...le%20b.jpg]

Thanks for the look
Wow, that is one awesome card!
amazing card


I know that be in your pc

How much did that set you back if you dont mind me asking?
whoa.. awesome!
wow, gorgeous card congrats!
Thanks for the comments. Definitely thrilled to have this in the PC.

(04-21-2013, 01:42 PM)bguzowski16 Wrote: [ -> ]How much did that set you back if you dont mind me asking?
I paid $140 including registered shipping from Canada to US. I think it was a fair price as this was the only copy I have seen of this card. How did I do?

I think you did wonderful!!!!

You need to get a photobucket or something so I can look at your other Hull masterpieces
Brilliant! Simply brilliant pick-up, and a very good price! Congrats!

amazing card! congrats