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Full Version: my latest Whale Pick up
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Hello all

I know its been a while since I be on here... Sadly I been busy with work and also watching

I have picked up a few cards but I this is a crown jewl for my PC. that is not a card

It is a Calender yes a Calender

1992-93 hartford Whalers Calendar that is signed by John Cullen,Murray Craven,Zarly Zalapski,Steve Konroyd,Geoff Sanderson,Andrew Cassels,Doug,Adam Burt, Houda,Jim MacKenzie, Randy Ladouceur. and Pat Verbeek,

The price was right... I paid $14 for it.... needless to say it is my fav calender...

I also picked up a few other higher end Whaler cards but I will do a show case those once I go back up to NY to get my traders and able to do scans. As I did not pack my scanner with me when I moved (only packed clothes)

As always happy collecting.
Great to see you on the boards again JJ

That calendar sounds awesome. Cannot wait to see some pics if you post them.

Very sweet find, J.J.! Congrats! I hope that all is well for you, buddy. Best wishes!

thank you everyone!
Old school!!! Love it!!!
thank you

and yea I have the calender non auto as a kid so i was like sweet find and grab it so fast i think the seller was surprise how fast i grab it (pc buy vs smart phone buy)