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Full Version: Steven Jackson Booklet 1/1 has ARRIVED!
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Guy described it as being PERFECT, but the corners suck, and the spine has damage...

Here he is!

2010 Topps Triple Threads Laundry Tags
[Image: 2011TTTLaundryTagA_zpsf26c26f2.jpg][Image: 2011TTTLaundryTagB_zps871da5d0.jpg]

Thanks for the look!
Sweet, congrats!
nasty card, congrats!
Nastiness man!! Congrats!
I told myself not to look, but I couldn't resist! Since the card sucks, I guess I can take it off of your hands...

All it needs is an Auto on it
Wow. Congratulations on the monster addition to your collection. That is a big time looking booklet.