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Full Version: OT: Ebay Problem (Suggestions PLEASE)
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Yeah, it's impossible to say a card is a "Mint" unless it's graded by reputable company. I sell a lot on Ebay and call everything "near mint or better" unless it doesn't qualify as that.
As a buyer on eBay you are in the drivers seat. He says they are mint, you get them and aren't happy you return for a full refund AND the seller has to pay return shipping. You are out ZERO dollars on the transaction. Plus now sellers can't leave negative feedback for buyers, so your in control there as well.

Now I am not saying you should screw a guy over just because you can, but if he said mint then they should be mint at least in your opinion. BGS or PSA may not agree with you, but for the sale, your the one who has to be happy.

Go through with the transaction and then if your not happy request a refund if the seller won't agree then file a claim. You will win. eBay always sides with buyers if they have a legitimate claim. I am guessing all your email correspondence went through eBay messages.

Lastly, were talking about 2 $2 cards. It's not like you just bought a Jordan RC and he is changing up the condition on you. I understand you want what you paid for and there is nothing wrong with that. We all do. But don't stress about it. If it doesn't work out, just file a claim and get a refund.
For the amount of money paid for such low numbered patch and auto cards, I would take them even if they were not mint, especially if they are for PC. For such low numbered cards that may never come up on the bay I would definitely take my chances.
+1 on briankort and arod.
(04-10-2013, 11:57 PM)cross4444 Wrote: [ -> ]I sell a lot on Ebay and call everything "near mint or better" unless it doesn't qualify as that.
Same here. I used to say "MINT" but after having to deal with a buyer that wanted to get a card graded and wanted me to assure him that it would grade at least MINT I backed my descriptions to the default condition that Beckett prices modern cards at (which is NmMt). I actually use the description "Near Mint or Better" and then if there are any flaws I make sure I point them out in the description if they aren't obvious in the picture (such as centering).
As for the original question, I would pay for the cards and worry about the condition once you get them. As others have mentioned already, you paid under $8 for 2 cards including shipping. Especially since one of the cards is for your PC.
thanks to all
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